Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds from ejfalke

Just popping in with a few great things I recently found on Pinterest.  We recently enjoyed some great family time at Yosemite National Park (which is only about 80 miles away now) viewing fall colors and filling up the nature bucket in my soul.

  • I swear, if I were in this library, I might curl up with a few good books and never leave.  Look at that view!  Especially if one of these rocking cushy chairs were in there.
  • And if I were in one of those chairs in that library, I might pick up some books by Alice Munro, this year’s Nobel laureate for literature.
  • Or maybe something more introspective. This list from Awesomely Awake has some books that I really want to check out.  If these look good to you, also check out Replenish by Lisa Grace Byrne (book review coming soon).
  • And more introspective can be found here with some fun autumn-inspired writing prompts to sink a little deeper into this wonderful season (which I know is a favorite for so many people).
  • And please, someone make me a grilled cheese sandwich with a waffle iron.

Let’s all go out for pumpkins and hot chocolate, no matter what the weather is like!  I hope everyone is having a great week!

P.S. Did any of you catch my first post on The Library Adventure when I reviewed The Folk Keeper?  What did you think?


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