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Summer SlimDown Update

7.17It’s been 10 weeks since I started the Take Shape for Life program, and there are two weeks to go until the 90-day Summer SlimDown is over.  (That doesn’t mean I’m done with the program or done losing weight, that’s just the weight loss competition I joined.)  I’m down about 30 pounds so far.  {And 50 pounds for the year…I lost about 20 pounds on my own before beginning the program.}  Over the year I’ve gone from a size 18-20 pant size to a size 10 now.  (I was at a comfy size 16 when I started the program.)  I’ve gone from XL and XXL shirts to medium and large.

What has amazed me from the beginning is how good I feel.  The program uses Medifast foods which are protein-carbohydrate balanced, and you eat six small meals throughout the day.  Aside from the typical carb cravings in the very beginning, I haven’t been hungry and I haven’t felt any of the after-effects of food that are all too common – being tired from eating a carb-heavy lunch or feeling stuffed enough to be sick for example.

Because my husband has been doing the program, too (and he’s my health coach), I’ve of course had a lot of support on the home front, and I haven’t really felt denied, either.  Until I came out to my parents’ house for a vacation.  Then all the feelings of denial started to really hit me, and I will confess to totally blowing myself out of my fat-burning state Monday night at Chili’s.  It was purposeful and mindful indulgence and I enjoyed every.single.bite.

But you know what?  I set the “cheating” bar rather high with that taco pizza and molten chocolate cake.  Now when I see the sugar cookies (you know, the super soft ones with the brightly-colored, super sweet frosting?) or the rolls, I just remember that gooey chocolate cake and I think, “Eh, I could do better,” and the temptation goes away.  I’m not advocating this as a good idea, but hey, it’s worked for me.  At least for now.  {wink wink}

The competition might only have a couple more weeks, but the road is far from being over.  My original weight goal is a little less than 20 pounds away, but my birthday is in early September, and I want some cake, so we’ll see.  Another great thing about this program – going along with the Habits of Health that we learn about and start to implement along the way – is the thorough transition period that helps you get back to eating non-Medifast food the right way.  So I’ll be well into autumn before I’m really done with this stage and on full maintenance.  It’s going to be exciting to start a new phase of my life, one that is healthier and not dependent on food for emotional release.

Any way you look at it, 2013 is truly going to be remembered as a year of monumental health changes for the better in the life of my little family.  Do you or someone you know want to make these kinds of changes?  We’d love to help.  Send me an email at ejfalke at gmail dot com and we’ll get you some information.


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