Starting over — again (for the last time) {hopefully}

I’ve had many a blog in my day.  EmDoug, Ramblings and Rainstorms, Memoirs of Motherhood, Happiness Begins with Me, and even another one that I started and never even posted to.

Am I the only one who’s done this?  Please tell me no.

Well.  This is the last blog I am starting.  I hope.  I’ve picked ejfalke because that’s my online moniker and should therefore include all aspects of myself that I would want to post about.    I don’t know how often I’ll post or if it will be worth reading.

“Why bother?” you ask?  I decided to forego blogging at all some time ago.  But I missed it.  And then I thought the things I did want to post would be “off-topic” so I couldn’t post them.  I’m not going to be a professional blogger.  I’m not going to niche-blog.  I just want a little web-home to be all about…me.  And whatever I want.  So here we go.  Again.


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